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The Research Office at the Giles County Historical Society contains a treasure-trove of information regarding the history of Giles County.  Research materials include genealogy and history books, files of family information, county records, maps, photographs, newspapers, and other information.  Several of these books are for sale in our Museum Shop.  There is a charge for genealogy research conducted by our staff.

Choose the buttons at left to learn more about our holdings or e-mail our Research Office to ask more specific questions about your Giles County relatives.  For questions requiring research, the charge is $35 for the first hour and $20 for each additional hour.  Photocopies are .25 each. Shipping and handling of research packet is $5.

Call or stop by the Research Office on Saturday afternoons between 2 and 5 when our research volunteer is available to help you with genealogy questions.

If you have already spoken with our research volunteer about research fees, you may use the button below to pay by credit card using PayPal:

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